Athlete wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball jersey.

Brandon Hill x Pirates

As a part of Brandon’s Random act of Kindness campaign, we called on the Pittsburgh Pirates to partner with Brandon and reach more people in the Pittsburgh community.

Through the partnership the Pirates provided Brandon with tickets to giveaway and hosted him for the first pitch.

Campaign Videos

the impact

Because of Brandon’s fun, approachable personality, his ability to acquire bigger, more dynamic brand deals is made possible. This deal enabled him to attach his name to a larger platform in the professional sports industry and continue to give back in a big way.

This campaign allowed the worlds of collegiate and professional sports to collide in big way that also benefited the community. With the Pittsburgh Pirates involvement, it sends a message that the Pirates are in support of empowering athletes in the NIL era.

When athletes are able to effectively showcase their personality & put out positive messaging, brands and organizations will be more likely to support and sponsor them because they will be able to see themselves in that content.



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