Athlete cooking inside of kitchen.

Chef Tahj - College Football’s Best Chef

Building a players brand is all about pulling the best parts out of them. That’s exactly what we did here with USC & All-American Wide Receiver Tahj Washington.

Tahj is passionate about cooking. The nickname “Chef Tahj” originally started in his family & friends but has spread as a term of endearment for all who know the talents of Tahj on and off the field leading to over 1,000+ mentions of the name “Chef Tahj” on social media.

We helped Tahj turn the name “Chef Tahj” into a brand and built an ecosystem of events, content, and brands around him to support his passionate off the field endeavor. This has led to Tahj positioning himself for a number of brand deals.

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• 1.1 Million+ impressions on TikTok

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