Pepsi Trash Talk Campaign

Pepsi called on our athletes Courtney & Donovan to be apart of their Pepsi Trash Talk campaign where the athletes created their own video calling recycling to action. Pepsi visited each school.

When you create content that brands can see themselves in, they come knocking.

Courtney & Donovan took part in this national campaign along with 15 other highly notable athletes.

Campaign Videos

@cjackson85 Know the Difference. Make a Difference. Be a team Player and Recycle. Visit to learn more. #Pepsitrashtalk #ad @Pepsi ♬ original sound - Court
@cjackson85 Your turn, let's see what you got! Know the difference. Make a difference. Be a team player and recycle. Visit to learn more. #duet #pepsitrashtalk #ad ♬ original sound - Court

Pairing our athletes with the biggest brands

The videos were a huge success and brought in over a million impressions for Donovan and Courtney.

This is a perfect example of why it’s important to build your brand and create content that highlights every side of the athletes personality and not just the parts that define them as an athlete.

Both athletes have put effort into giving their fans a look into their life in engaging and creative ways by creating trends, showing what life as an athlete is like, and more.


• 1.1 Million+ impressions on TikTok

Athletes Involved